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Youth Programs


Sullivan Lanes Youth Programs:
 We are dedicated to providing safe and fun place for children of all ages to come and enjoy bowling. We have a variety of great youth programs to choose from listed below...


Bowling... Fun For Life!

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  Sunglasses is a kind of protective eyewear designed primarily to prevent light energy from sunlight damage or disturbing eyes.
  Sunglasses feature can also be used as ray ban polarized a visual aid, a variety called eyeglasses or spectacles including lenses, existence is colored, polarized or darkened. Early in the twentieth century, they are also known liar (liar sun glasses American slang).
  Apparently, the reason other people are wearing sunglasses look cool, in addition to its main purpose is to protect the eyes from the sun's rays. Commonly known as "tone" in Ghana, polarized ray ban Ghana Youth sunglasses is the use of quick, especially in (including children) and everywhere you turn, you will certainly find at least five people wearing sunglasses; on the beach, schools, parks and even clubs.
  Vanessa Brown book explaining her cool colors; the history and meaning of sunglasses, "everywhere in fashion, advertising, film and graphic design, sunglasses are" popular culture cool "the ray ban 3025 polarized ultimate signifier; strong The property was filled more fashionable and popular culture imagery has received little scholarly attention, and now. "
  But in recent times, film makers used to wear sunglasses at night, this has been a lot of people looked at the use of such a figure.
  First, it is not in favor of those who ray ban 2132 polarized wear it are ridiculed. But slowly it solves most people wear sunglasses from classic tortoiseshell frame odd shape and color variety.
  They say the eyes are the windows of the soul, of course, be able to protect their applications. Sunglasses Association of the United States, however, said, "should not wear sunglasses at night. They are not meant to be worn after dark."
  It makes you a headache when you look ray ban polarized lenses at the whole night to find in a dark place or no light your way. Some went to the extent of driving with sunglasses can be very dangerous, it brings the risk of accidents.
  On the other hand, some people (those who like to party at night) at night wearing sunglasses to hide the influence of drugs and alcohol on their eyes.
  In the blind imitation of celebrities wearing sunglasses at night, who has become part of fashion craze, which is forgotten, these celebrities are aware of the camera lights flashing in their eyes, in order to avoid a large number of video light, and they have to use sunglasses block.
  Not only do ankobiah Majid Michel, Sandra, like Yvonne Nelson, dumelo John and Nadia buari daytime use this fashion accessories, like sarkodie, samini, d-black, sandcastle wale popular music ray ban polarized wayfarer artists, such as L and edema on the other hand, they use the show in the evening at the club.
  So unless you are sarkodie or sandcastle wale who performed at Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (vgmas) or from a television set, was not wearing sunglasses at night