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First generation:
①LV pattern. From 1896 onwards, it has been a symbol for LV leather goods, wholesale louis vuitton handbags has long lasting.

② between checkerboard pattern began in 1888, and adopted the wholesale louis vuitton belts elegant fine brown tones in 1996 to re-launch.

③ There are black, brown, green, yellow, blue, red, orange seven colors, modern color flow striae only in the lower right wholesale louis vuitton bags corner of a LV logo embossed leather.

④ between smooth and embossed create a strong contrast, wholesale louis vuitton handbags suppliers only black and red of opera, is the only lv only for women, very feminine design.

⑤ addition taiga forest green, there is a new series of dark brown with a purple acajou, where the skin is more soft and hard points.

⑥ is the basis for the traditional monogram pattern, the pressure on real leather material stylish glossy plastic, color aspects have also adopted a young and lively aqua blue and caramel color, symbolizing lv vibrant era.

LV secret of success is that it will combine its own past history of fashion and avant-garde. wholesale louis vuitton wallets 1997, got the New York artist Gu Kebo (Marc Jacobs) served as artistic director of Louis Vuitton seats, first introduced to overturn the traditional Graffit "graffiti bag" series, then the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami (Takashi Myrakami) in cooperation with the re-interpretation of Monogram ...... Behind the hot, LV created 45 percent of high margin.

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