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Distance to the door left knee block the ball, the ball easily confiscated Casillas. The first 31 minutes, Modric Zhisai heel the ball inside the penalty area Benzema replica jerseys soccer.

C Luo Zhong Tongshe break, 1-1, Real Madrid tie the game after scoring C Lo made to help the audience to silence the celebration, which is C Ronaldo scored in the first 15 national derby ball discount replica soccer jerseys.

Tying Raul's record. The first 34 minutes, Modric shot wide. The first 35 minutes, both sides point rate was 50%.

The first 37 minutes, C Lo breakthrough when diving Pique, Barcelona players rushed the collective expression of dissatisfaction with the referee, Alba was a yellow card, football replica jerseys but C Luo also received a yellow card.

Article 40 minutes, Benzema cross from the left, C Luo Road header rub, Bell fell close Tongshe break offside, slow motion replays showed slightly when flicks C Luo custom football jerseys.

Offside, so Bell broke disallowed. The first 41 minutes, Neymar left pass, Pique Road barb hit the door above. The first 43 minutes, C Luo restricted area before the King

Shot, Bravo saved the ball, then Real Madrid corner attack, Bell penalty area and grab the right foot shot slant. The first 45 minutes cheap soccer jerseys china, Ramos was presented before the games kick Messi Yellow.

Easy side battles the two sides in the second half, both teams were not substitutions. The first 48 minutes, Neymar left sudden strong Carvajal was knocked down, Carvajal received a yellow card. The first 49 minutes football jerseys replica.

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