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  In the 15 to 25 kilometers from the cheap ray bans Earth surface, gathered 90 percent of the ozone in the atmosphere, we will this story concentrations of ozone called "ozone layer." Ozone has a strong UV absorption, can effectively block ultraviolet damage to surface organisms, but our eyes are most sensitive to UV parts. Research shows that a wavelength of 230 nm UV can all be absorbed by corneal epithelium, and a wavelength of 280 nm maximum UV damage to ray bans for cheap the cornea, not Tibo length of 290 to 400 nm in the near ultraviolet, and they are leading to cataracts One of the culprits and other eye diseases.
  Due to the different angles of solar radiation, ultraviolet radiation is stronger than low latitudes and high latitudes, therefore, UV damage to the eye is also very obvious. In particular, some thin air at high altitudes, low clouds and dust particles, atmospheric and face less ultraviolet absorption, but also increases the amount of cheap ray ban ultraviolet radiation to some extent. By this time, we need to wear sunglasses, etc., to reduce the impact of ultraviolet radiation on the eyes. However, it is kind of hard UV perceived to exist, which affected our enthusiasm wearing sunglasses in a certain degree, the average consumer only choose strong sunshine in the summer when wearing sunglasses.
  In this regard, the development and promotion sunglasses index is especially important. As a public good weather index both public nature, but also has the industry standard glasses, ray ban cheap sunglasses index developed intention is to change the existing sunglasses buying habits, to remind consumers when choosing sunglasses, not only to the pursuit of novelty styles and wear comfort, but also according to different weather conditions, different intensity of UV radiation, such as light intensity of different, more scientific and rational choice and wearing sunglasses.
  Although this time, sunglasses index still seem immature, but also more biased research and data-oriented, but with the development and progress of human society, science and technology, the future, sunglasses index will be more close to our lives, and unknowingly to We wear sunglasses made more comprehensive, more meaningful mentoring program. In ray ban sunglasses for cheap this, we might as well let go of thinking, from the existing fashion technology, it is proposed to create more suitable index Silk · sunglasses want a sustainable future!