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  After the spring, the new semester, the same ray ban sunglasses as Miss Song took the children to the eye doctor parents surge, many of the children have myopia and wear glasses. Today, in everyday life, we encounter around more and more kids with glasses, "small glasses" phenomenon people worried. In this regard, from some statistical data can also be reflected in our country has shown a trend of younger age of myopia, according to statistics, in 2014 our country basically sunglasses ray ban every 10 students, there are five patients with myopia, and the proportion in the past few years rapid increase in 2011, this ratio is about 40%.
  Electronic products into myopia "culprit" Parents difficult Prevention
  "In school, we can maintain the ray ban sale multi-faceted, but out of the gate, we also render you." Seven Mile Creek area a junior high school teacher said, "Now the child population increased myopia, the eye is mainly used unsanitary, especially in off-campus Excessive exposure to electronics. This requires parents to pay more effort, more of a care and guidance. "" touch-screen electronic products like eye sight there is harm to the child, which we all know, but it is difficult to control. "citizen Miss Zhang Junjie, told reporters that his son is already six years old this year, has been telling him to play phone, tablet PCs will ray ban rb2132 hurt the eyes, but he secretly took too easy to play up the phone. Stay stopped, only to minimize the number of his playing these electronic products. Parents Wang said: "My son in fourth grade this year, during the winter, he likes to play on the computer at home, at work we would not be able to control his time playing computer to the hospital after doctors said he only myopic eye over 200 degrees. also with astigmatism, must ray ban 3025 be equipped with glasses. "
  Gansu Province renowned pediatric ophthalmologist Fan really speak, reason myopic eyes, that is due to the long close eye. Whether you look at electronics, or reading, writing, this is close with both eyes. Decreased visual acuity increased after the holidays, a lot of students is largely prolonged use tablet PCs, mobile phones and watching TV caused. For these electronic products, many parents are difficult to strictly control.